With a powerful voice that can be light as a feather at times and volcanic at others, Anjali Ray’s songs captivate with their haunting melodies, poignant lyrics, and rich instrumentation.

Anjali makes music for the journey and experience of collaborating with artists across the globe to bring thought-provoking music to life. Music is about connection, communication, and love, and putting meaningful art into the world is her lifelong purpose.

Raised in New Delhi till the age of 10, Anjali draws on her extensive training in classical piano, Indian Hindustani classical vocal training, and occasional moonlighting as a jazz pianist to create emotional and soul-stirring melodies. Learning piano through the British school of music since the age of 4, Anjali’s early musical foundation was later strengthened by the contrast of her Indian vocal training with Mani Majumdar of Chicago, enabling her to begin writing her own songs and communicating in a way words alone never can, blending rhythms and music from east and west.

Anjali has released several studio albums including "Offering", "Indigo", and "Giant". Her music focuses on strong feminist themes and experiences. Her new album "Dark Side", produced by Daniel Galindo, is set to release in late 2023.