Anjali Ray Releases New EP - Vents Magazine - "Anjali Ray’s Dark Side is a thoroughly mature work, though brief, and solidifies her standing as one of the most challenging yet rewarding indie songwriters working today.”

Anjali Ray's Latest EP “Dark Side” - Independent Music & Arts Insider - “It’s an EP that engages both the mind and body.”

Big Celebrity Buzz - Anjali Ray's New EP Collection “Dark Side” - “It’s a reminder if we need one about the power of forthright and emotionally risky songwriting. It’s a keeper in every way.” REVIEW: Anjali Ray - Dark Side (EP) - “it speaks to the unwavering gaze she casts upon her life in all its triumphs and failures, but it’s ultimately a life-affirming listening experience because she’s still standing tall to tell the tale.” Pick of the Week - Anjali Ray - Dark Side - "Her writing deepens with each new release, and she keeps broadening her musical identity with an eye cast toward posterity rather than transient popularity. She’s making music of our time for all time."

Top Buzz Magazine - “Dark Side”  by Anjali Ray -  “She finds a terrible beauty in pain, perhaps embracing the idea that those pangs of grief are among life’s ways of reminding us that we are alive and in the moment.”

IndiePulse Music - Singer/Songwriter Anjali Ray Releases New EP - “You’ll come away from these songs like I did – exhilarated and grateful for the experience. And you will keep coming back for more.”

The Hollywood Digest - Anjali Ray is Back with New EP - “Her new EP Dark Side, produced by Daniel Galindo, attests to her continued willingness to explore and bet on her prodigious skills.”

Melody Maker Magazine - Anjali Ray Releases “Dark Side” - “There is no such thing as a sad song. A sad song is silence. Anjali Ray is far from silent, she endures, and Dark Side supplies us with a record of that ongoing endurance in the face of life’s slings and arrows. We’re better off for it.”

Indie Band Guru - Anjali Ray Proves to be a “Giant” on NEW EP - “One listen to this and you’re drawn in by the sheer tonal qualities of Ray’s voice which can be volcanic at times and as light as a feather at other times.”